Lamb Tournedó recipe with quinoa salad

10, JUL, 2021

Quinoa is very fashionable. It is one of the new foods that has come to our pantry to stay. Let's not talk anymore in the world of diets and healthy life, where it has countless fans.




4 Lamb Tournedos

Bacon strips (optional)

300 gr of quinoa

1 pomegranate

1 jar of white cheese in brine

12 walnuts

Dried spearmint

Fresh coriander

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt flakes





To prepare the recipe for Lamb Tournedó with quinoa salad, you have to start with the salad by soaking the quinoa, so that it loses its bitterness. About 10 minutes, stirring the water from time to time. You drain it well and brown it lightly in the pan and then cook it in there (like white rice) for 15 minutes. Once boiled and when you have consumed all the water, leave it covered for 5 minutes.


While the quinoa cooks you prepare the cheese. Brined cheese is easily found in the best-selling supermarket in Spain. It is diced white cheese and comes in a container with the brine liquid. Drain the liquid, spread the cheese on a plate and sprinkle it with the dried peppermint so that it takes on flavor.


You peel the pomegranate and reserve the grains. Peel the walnuts and the reserves cut into small pieces.


Mix all the ingredients: quinoa, pomegranate, nuts and cheese and stir. Dress the mixture with a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and salt. Chop the fresh coriander into small pieces, add it to the salad and stir. The warm quinoa salad is ready.



The tournedos are grilled over a high heat. They are prepared just like any grilled meat. Round and round and salt flakes on the top face.

You remove the meat from the heat and since you already have the quinoa salad ready, you only have to plate it.