A family business with over 30 years´ experience of acknowledged prestige, which has progressed from a traditional to a modern butcher´s. The firm is now in the hands of Roberto Fernández, who, together with his team of Carlos and Jose, deal with their customers with characteristic warmth and good naturedness, engaging in light-hearted conversation while serving attentively and with the professionalism their clients deserve.

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Personalized service

In Avesa we give a professional and personalized service to our customers, resulting in a highly professional combination. We love to draw a broad smile to our customers and advise them with the best practical ideas for new dishes and recipes.

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Our team is characterized by professionalism, as well as cheerfulness, good mood and joviality. We work as a team to give our clients the best services with a good and fun atmosphere.

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Cutting specialists

Our cutting skills are increasingly obvious to all, adapting the cut in accordance with the requirements of each of our faithful followers. Our humble art of cutting ensures you won’t be able to take your eyes off our skillful work and pinpoint precision cuts.