Presa iberica, pluma iberia and secreto iberico, whats the difference?

16, FEB, 2017

A few days ago we found a very interesting article by Sabores de Jabuco in which wondered if we really are aware of the differences between the “presa ibérica”, the “secreto ibérico” and the “pluma ibérica”, and today we ask you... Can you differentiate them?

On the one hand, the “pluma” is a triangular piece on the back of the spine. Their muscle fibers are very similar to the upper part of the ham and is often consumed as part of the “caña de lomo”, in addition to being able to be prepared grilled or barbecued.

In the case of the “secreto ibérico”, we talked about the end of the flank, next to the headboard of the spine. It’s the most consumed part due to its high production. It’s composed of muscle fibers and fat marbling. Grilled is... spectacular!

And finally, the “presa iberica”, the juiciest and flavourful part. It’s attached to the shoulder. It has a lot of intramuscular fat thanks to which it has become a highly valued part in the gastronomic world. Its flavour is very intense and you can find it in Iberian sausages.

We love this three parts... and you?