Things that you should never do cooking steak

25, NOV, 2016

The famous chef Anthony Bourdain presented his new book "Appetites" in which says flatly that "nobody knows how to make a steak in this country" a few weeks ago.

But why? what is the secret? Maybe it’s not so easy as it sounds because to make a good steak you should consider many things. But don't worry, today we show you all that you need to know to become an expert! Like Bourdain says...

1. Add spices and salt on both sides of the steak.

2. Attention! Don’t cook the steak just exit from de fridge, it’s better at room temperature.

3. Don’t cook the meat at high temperature, and please, don’t prick the steak constantly to know if it’s already made. Be careful also when you cook it in the grill, avoid the flame or you will eat carbon...

4. Don’t remove the steak from the fire to check that it’s made and then return it to cook it...

5. Don’t turn it once, and once again… just one is enough.

6. It’s absolutely forbidden to press the meat on the pan. If you do this, you are only losing its fat and destroying the steak.

7. Added salt to the steak when you serve it and let it stand a few minutes before eat.

8. And the last, and most importantly, use quality meat because that will make the difference. And obviously, in Avesa you will find the best meat of Palma.