Mistakes when we cook the meat

04, NOV, 2016

We love meat but... do we know how to treat it? In other words, do we know how to handle it, cut it, or cook it?

Every day we make many mistakes when we try to cook it and today we show you some of them that you can avoid.


1. Thaw meat at room temperature: If you do this, you are probably benefiting to growing the bacteria. To avoid this, thaw slowly in the fridge or use cold water.


2. Keep the meat uncooked in the fridge for long time: raw meats should not remain in the refrigerator more than two days, and the cooked up to five. If you're not going to consume itsoon, better put it in the freezer.


3. Freeze the meat exactly that it comes from the shop: If you want to freeze your meat, wrap in special paper or aluminium foil and put it in a freezer bag.


4. Cut the meat into the same table as the vegetables: we shouldn’t cut the meat and vegetables on the same table without washing between both applications since thus avoid possible bacteria from the raw meat.


5. Cooking it piled up in the frying pan: If we want to cook our meat perfectly, we should avoid piling it all in the same pan.


6. Cut the meat just been cooked: we should wait a few minutes to cut it once we have cooked it, so we can take advantage of their juices, which they will stabilize and they will be distributed by the entire piece of meat.


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