Something is changing...

21, OCT, 2016

We love the routine and we resist the changes… when something comes out of our order we feel scared and anxious, but sometimes a situation like this is required to mature and to evolve.

A new beginning can shake our bases and that we should change all our schemes, but that's great!

Some people say that the changes are neither good nor bad, simply necessary, but we believe that a change is always something positive, a break, a before and a later, and a few desires, impetus and new illusion.

And some people will be thinking that we have become a bit crazy and we are talking about strange things... but something is changing in Avesa and we are very excited. Many have already seen that we are making some changes, and we are looking forward to showing you them as soon as possible.

And as Miguel de Unamuno said: " The progress consists of being renewed ".