Do you know hot to cook the Kobe meat?

23, SEP, 2016

In our butcher's shop you will find meat of Wagyu, the incredible meat of Ox of Kobe famous for its incredible flavor and texture.

One of the ways more habitual of cooking it in Japan is in sukiyaki, a stew based on soy sauce, sake, sugar and dashi broth that is cooked and prepared in a stove of table at the same time that is consumed. The meat is catted in very thin sheets and is added to the previous mix with diverse vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and noodles.

Another way of cook Kobe or Wagyu is the shabu shabu, in which the meat is catted in thin sheets and cooked some seconds in broth of vegetables before wetting it in a mix of soy sauce and citric vinegar. You can cook it also like teppanyaki.

Today we show you the Suckiyaki way!



200 g. of meat of wagyu from Avesa catted very thin like carpaccio.

1 package of yaki-dofu

Mushrooms shiitake

Mushrooms enoki

Chive and leeks

Noodles shirataki

Fresh Udon noodles


For the broth:

1/3 cup of soy sauce

3 spoonfuls of sake

4 spoonfuls of sugar

¾ cup of dashi broth



Introduce in the pot all the ingredients for the broth and boil. Add all the ingredients except the meat. The meat has to be cooked only few seconds in the broth. Eat directly from the pot wetting the meat and the rest of the ingredients on beaten egg.