Tips to cook the best pork in your barbecue

16, SEP, 2016

Watch this interesting video of El Comidista in which they give us some good tips for cooking the pig to the barbecue and have the success. According to Mikel López Iturriaga the keys are:

1. Always choose the juiciest cuts as bacon, chops or ribs.

2. Combine with fresh sausages like chorizo.

3. The portion of meat has to be 300 g approx. for person.

4. Combine the amount of meat between cuts and sausages.

5. Marinate the meat. You can marinate the meat with the combination of honey, orange, soy sauce and rosemary. Let marinate the meat during all the night.

6. Wait that the coals are white, no rush.

7. When we cook the meat this one it must be at room temperature.

8. Grilling along with fruits such as apples and pineapple.

9. Make thinner parts first, so you can eat something while the larger pieces are cooked.

So if you want to make a good barbecue watch this video and, above all, choose your meat in Avesa to ensure the best quality, the best flavor and the best service.