How to consume meat

12, AGO, 2016

Not all meats are equal, but still constitute one of the main sources of protein for the human body. We can talk about advantages and disadvantages, but all depends on the quality, the animal from which it comes from, elaborate process and cutting.

First of all we must know that we can find two types of meat in the carnage: the red meat to which belongs the meat of beef, the lamb, the pork, the beef, etc. And the white meat: poultry and rabbit. Each one has its own characteristics and nutritional composition, but if we choose the most suitable parts of each, you can take advantage of the large amount of nutritional benefits that its offer.

Another item to take care is that you must introduce it in our diet rationally, with moderation and balanced because a consumption excessive of meat is neither healthy. In addition, is very important the fresh meat consume and to learn how to cook it well, with the appropriate temperature.

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