Iron, essential mineral in a healthy diet

22, JUL, 2016

Iron is an essential mineral for the performance of many biological functions, this is why, as is the case with many other macronutrients, it is essential that our body has a proper contribution.

But not only is fundamental for infinity of functions vital, the contribution of iron to our body is going to be essential in the life of those people more active that practice sport regularly.

Iron is one of the most important minerals for our body since has a fundamental function producing hemoglobin, protein present in the blood red cells that are responsible of the transport of oxygen from the lungs until them tissues.

There are two types of iron, which is located in foodstuffs of plant called non-heme iron that is absorbed to a lesser extent (between 5% and 20%) than the iron of animal origin called heme iron that absorb by up to 35%.

According to the different types of iron: heme and non-heme, we will try to boost consumption of foods containing heme iron: seafood, meat, fish... because, in addition to facilitating the absorption, the metabolization of iron can rise not heme.

The meat of beef, of chicken, of Turkey, of pork and others, all contain iron in quantities that surround them 2 mg for each 100 grams approximately. Is an iron of easy absorption and that, except for the vegetarian, all include regularly in our diet.