Raw Food, la nueva moda crudívora

24, JUN, 2016

The movement claimed the raw meal known as the Raw Food is fashion. This raw diet is a style of life based on the consumption of food not cooked. Its defenders believe that how much higher the proportion of raw food in the diet is more benefits for health.  In addition, the raw meal helps weight loss and prevents many diseases and health problems.

In the meat case we can find different ways to submit within this eating style. The tartar and carpaccio are the two formulas more strictly raw, while there are other preparations in which the meat is previously subjected to a cooking process without fire, basically in two ways that we could define as in dry and wet.

The wet procedure consists in the marinade and the dry procedure is the cure with salt. So we cover the food during a few hours or some days, depending on the size of the piece, and then let air dry it. It is how different fish or ham are made. (Duck ham recipe here:

But not all the people react like with the raw fish in sushi or raw meat of a beef carpaccio, the tartare or a just made hamburger. Some people do not find any pleasure and in others, the rejection is physiological since they are not able to properly digest these foods raw because of the presence of hard fibres. The cooking process can facilitate the digestion of animal protein. In addition, not all types of food can or must be consumed raw since some, like chicken, must be served cooked.

But above all the most important thing is the quality of the product because this can avoid possible risks and our butcher's shop you will find the best meat for your preparations.