Carpaccio, que es y como servirlo

03, JUN, 2016

- Raw meat and fish have more and more presence in the menus of the restaurants and also in homes, not only like sushi or ceviche, formulas that are now fashionable, but also more classical recipes like the steak tartare or carpaccio applicable to all kinds of meat and fish.

Today we will talk about the carpaccio, a delicate and delicious dish that can make a difference in your meals.

The story goes that the origin dates from the mid-20th century and that it arose by chance at the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, when Giuseppe Cipriani did a sirloin cut finely and accompanied by a mayonnaise and a few drops of perrins sauce for a client that her doctor had prescribed eat raw meat. This dish was baptized with its name because its color looked similar with the works of the painter Vittore Carpaccio, whose paintings were characterized by the profusion of red and yellow.

This dish is very versatile and can be prepared in many ways, each one with a different and unique touch. We can prepare it from classical form with a few slices of parmesan, arugula, black pepper, oil and a few drops of lemon; It can also be made with original recipes as the beef carpaccio with foie and mango, smearing a fillet of beef with a sauce made with mango and foie cream, salt and pepper, and cut it into thin slices after hardening in the freezer. Or can also prepare it in a salad, or on a pizza, or as you prefer!

Also the beef is a lean meat with a great nutritional power, because it has high-quality protein, is rich in water and low in fat. For example, 100 grams of beef provide 21 grams of protein, as well as providing minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

But the most important thing to make a good carpaccio is the cut of meat. It’s not a little amateurish because you must know well the product and be skilled making fine cuts. That is where our plate have the expected result.

In Avesa we facilitate you the process with our trays of freshly cut carpaccio. So you only have to choose your piece and we prepare it yourself so that you can present it like you want. Come to Avesa and make sure that your carpaccio is of the best quality and taste.