Barbecue time?

29, ABR, 2016

Good weather is the perfect time to barbecue! It’s the perfect excuse for a familiar meeting or to spend one day with the friends. The barbecue it’s not the most important, the important thing is to enjoy the family time and to forget the daily worries.

When you think about barbecue comes to your mind this smell of coal, of grill… and of course to meat. The smell that does that can makes you to salivate. But to do a good barbecue it’s necessary to be careful if we want that it will be perfect. It is very important to have patience with the embers, because we don’t want that the meat will remain smoked and with coal flavor to coal, it is not too nice … In addition, is necessary to take care about the time of cooking of every meat and to cook first the smallest size and pieces of the smallest size and greasy pieces as well as the vegetables since it has a shortly cooking.

Cooking time is so important since nobody likes the dried or cold meat. The pork is a meat that must be pretty cooked, approximately ten minutes for every side, unlike the beef, that it’s enough to cook from two to five minutes. The chicken is very similar to the pork, and also will need more time, but if you want that de chicken meat will be juicy is better if you marinade it with some sauce. And on the other hand we have the lamb, which it is necessary to do with caress and near the embers during approximately five minutes.

But the most important is the quality of the meat and the cut and in our butcher's shop you will find the best meat with which to surprise in your barbecue. Come on, we are waiting for you!