The chicken: very nourishing and low-calories

15, ABR, 2016

The chicken is a lean meat very nourishing and low-calories. Approximately 100 have 130Kcal and it represents one of the principal sources of animal protein.

If you consumed it without skin this meat can be an essential food in a loss-weight diet because it has only 1.2% of fats (in the breast). In addition, a big part of the chicken fat are unsaturated fat and therefore they help to make your heart healthier. Also the chicken contains a variety of vitamins and minerals as phosphorus and zinc, very necessary in the infantile development.

The chicken is a very versatile meat for all the tastes and types of cuisine. In addition, there are a different types as the capon, free-range chicken, broiler chicken, the spring chicken… with which you can prepare delicious and healthy recipes, or not so healthy because the fried chicken it’s so delicious!

Special for sports lovers, this meat is the ideal energy source for practice sport.

You know already, the chicken consume is necessary and in our butcher’s shop you will find it of the best quality.