Different beef courts

08, ABR, 2016

The beef is so important in our nutrition because it’s full of proteins, mineral and quality fats. There are extracted different courts from the beef that it’ss necessary to know since each of them is cooked of different form. The chuck is not the same that the prime rib, or the tenderloin that the flank.

You can classy the beef depending of the use:

- The prime rib, the striploin, the rump, the thick flank, the topside, the silverside and the tenderloin.

- The chuck, the shin & shank.

- The neck, the “morrillo”, the brisket and the tail.

- The flank and the eye round.

These pieces have a different use in the kitchen. The first group (prime rib, striploin, tenderloin…) contains a very juicy and tender beef and the cookers recommend to cook them grilled or barbecued. These are the most coveted and select pieces of beef.

In the second group there are pieces like the chuck or the shin & shank. Juicy meat perfect for stew. On the other hand we have the neck, the brisket or the tail with a lot of fibres and fats, perfect for stew.

And in the fourth group we have the flank and the eye round. Tender and ideal pieces to elaborate minced meat.

And now you know more about the beef, what are you waiting for come to our butcher’s shop?