If you practise sport you must eat meat!

27, FEB, 2016

The nutrition is the principal power source of our body. This one provides nutrients and energy to us for our hard day: the work, the studies, the city, the house … But it’s necessary to keep a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruit, fish, lacteal … And meat! Though not everything serves, the most important thing is to be able to choose the type and court of meat to be kept healthy and to get fit.

In this area the sportsmen are experts since for a good performance in the trainings a high diet is necessary in proteins. One of the principal sources of these proteins is the meat, but it is necessary to know how to choose.

The type of meat that have more proteins is that one with fewer index of possible fat, in this case the chicken and the turkey stand out. But let's not forget that any type of meat is bad if we know how to consume it.

In our butcher's shop you will find all kinds of meat with a traditional cut and an own break-down spoiling our clients and advising them of personalized form depending on his needs. In Sportadictos they made their minds up about for this reason we leave you an article in which they speak about the importance of the meat for all those who practise sport.