Choosing a suitable cutt of meat

20, AGO, 2015

We will start this small guide talking about the Round cut;

We call the "round" to the source of the pulp, what comes to be known as steak. These cuts comes from the leg, they are perfect to be cooked in soups or stews.

The "loin" cut,  is one of the most famous cuts and with more categories! We found the New York, T-bone, sirloin, sirloin and several others types. Is the part of the soft, great taste and high quality meat. Its preparation is very simple, ideal to be prepared as your favorite steak.

The "flank" comes from the abdominal part of the cow, is a long piece and not too thick. As curiosity, we will recommend it to be cut in the opposite direction of the fibers in order to make the meat more tender. This type of cut is perfect for meat dishes like fajitas or roast.

The famous "ribs" is the part which includes the ribs and chops. A very tender meat. Which is prepared as ribs baked or grilled classic.

And finally talked cut "Chuck" also known as palette, which includes the neck and the shoulder. These cuts are thicker and less soft.
Their preparation is ideal, thanks to its thickness, for stews or hamburger meat.
Now, you know how to ask the court of your choice!