10 tips to know to be a good host for your dinners at home

13, AGO, 2015

Here,  the quick tips:

1. Invite your guests always in advance, and make sure that they confirm their attendance.
2. Think about your guests, their tastes and based your menu on that.
3. Dress the table pleasantly. We always recommend clear and plain colors.
4. In the middle of the table put some details, always thinking that it can´t be higher than your eyes projection.
5. Place the dishes with enough space, always thinking about your guests.
6. Do not put too many glasses or cups, you should always put a glass for the water and another for the wine. The rest of the glasses, like the ones for champagne or spirits, have to be put in the time you will serve the drink.
7. It is always fun to put small cards with the names of your guests. Everybody will be excited to know that you thought about how they should sit!
8. Cutlery always stats from outside to inside.
9. Considering that lighting is essential, we recommend you to put a friendly atmosphere. It always makes guests more comfortable and they will not want to leave!
10. The last tip... Enjoy!