Pork meat benefits

04, MAY, 2015

Pork meat has always been surrounded by myths. Today we want to deny all of them Thanks to American Dietetic Association investigation.
1. It does not have much fat. Because 65% of the fat is removed in the cut process. Being 70% polyunsaturated (good fat) and 30% Saturated (the bad fat)
2. It provides several nutrients as protein, vitamin B1 and B3 (essential for the heart and the nervous system) it has phosphorus (For the bones strengthens and it gives energy to the cells.)
3. with high potassium content. Ideal for people with hypertension.
It is very important cook it with little oil.
And now that you know more about the pork meat ... Fancy an Iberian chops? You will find us at the Mercat Santa Catalina.