Which meat is the healthiest?

25, JUN, 2015

One of the most frequents questions when you go to do groceries during the summer is.. Which meat is the healthiest? All of them are healthy but today we will explain a little bit all of them.
Veal: usually is more fat and caloric. However it depends on the part of the animal that you eat.
Pork and chicken: They are more or less the same; The difference is only in the polyunsaturated acids and in the cholesterol, here is taking advantage the pork loin.
All with an approximate 20% of protein. Vitamins B, B12, iron and B2. High in minerals. His fat is 15%, but the rest is water.
As we see, the differences are minimal, the important thing is the way you cook them. Come to our butchery and we will advise you personally!