The importance of the meat in a diet

18, DIC, 2019

Meat is one of the main sources of protein and vitamins available to humans. These proteins are of high quality, since they contain all the essential amino acids. What varies in the different types of meat is the amount of fat they offer us.
Lamb and goat meat are the ones that contain the most saturated fat content, so it is recommended for occasional consumption.
Beef has an intermediate saturated fat content, but it stands out for providing iron and other minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body. Your consumption recommendation is between 1 or 2 times a week.
As for the poultry meat we can say that its fat content is low and its consumption recommendation is between 3 or 4 times a week.
Rabbit meat is meat that contains a lower fat content, as well as a high fatty acid content. This makes it healthier and its consumption may be more frequent.
In conclusion, it is important to know that meat offers multiple benefits if we consume it responsibly and it is a quality meat, where food and animal husbandry come into play. In Avesa we are meat specialists and you can find a variety of cuts of meat of the best quality. Come meet us!