Suitable wines to accompany each type of meat

25, MAY, 2018

Choosing the right wine for your meals is not as simple a matter as it seems. And in fact, it’s important to know how to properly match the flavors.

The most important thing is to distinguish well between one type of meat or another, and thus be able to associate the right wine. White meat is not the same as red meat. It also happens with wine.

What should you do if it’s red meat? The most recommended is to use red wines. That is, red wine, rosé and light reds. This serves for red meats such as: veal, ox, horse, quail, partridge.

And for white meats? The wine suitable for meals that include white meat, will be one whose appearance, aroma and texture is soft, like white wine. In fact, there is an unwritten rule of wine consumption “white wine for chicken and red wine for veal”.

So, if the food is made with chicken, the best option is white wine or even pink (very light). The same happens with turkey, lamb and pork. Although for these types of white meat, white wine will vary depending on the preference of each palate.