Tricks for Cooking tender meat!

29, MAY, 2015

Today we give you a few tricks about how to cook the meat and make it very juicy!
1. Decrease the amount of salt.
2. Hit the meat! The first shot that chefs or butchers give to the meat ... is for some reason!
3. Apple Juice. Marinate it with a little freshly squeezed apple juice for a few hours
4.  Lemon juice. Alternative. Rub the lemon juice on the meat, lemon is very acid ... Don’t put too much!
5. Tomato juice. Another traditional alternative. Especially if you're going to make some stew
6. Beer ... another alternative! You will need 1 hour for that one.
Choose the one you like the most! And if you have doubts ... we can help you! The high quality meat is waiting for you at the Mercat de Santa Catalina.