Tenderness and flavour in your meat knowing these tricks

16, MAR, 2018

Whenever we cook meat, either baked, fried, etc... our objective is that the meat will be tender and juicy and depends on many factors such as conservation of the piece, the quality of this... but also the way in which we cook it. So today we give some tips so that your meats are always perfect.

In the case of poultry meat, it usually has a soft texture by nature, but if we want to improve it, we will add a splash of lemon just before cooking and it will be even juicier.

Another trick so that the breasts are not dry, is to remove from the fridge a few hours before. In addition, if we leave them to macerate with garlic, parsley and a little oil, won in flavour and tenderness.

If you are going to prepare turkey meat, a good trick is to immerse the meat in cold milk for at least one hour.

If we talk about the meat of pork, it’s very sensitive to the cooking time. If we don’t want a hard meat, we can put meat in milk a while before cooking. Another trick is to rub with salt the day before making it and remove the salt just before cooking.

For veal meat, a good trick to make this tasty meat is to put the meat in oil with garlic, wine and parsley, letting it stand for hours in the fridge. In addition, we should cook the meat when it’s at room temperature, since it will be much more tender and juicy.

We are sure that with these tricks and Avesa quality meat, your dishes will be exquisite.