Salad of wings of confit duck with mushroom and garlic sauce of quince

28, FEB, 2018


Confit duck wings

Quince Aioli (Oil, garlic and Quince)

Creamy yogurt

Hot mushroom vinaigrette (mushrooms, vinegar and honey)


Vegetable sprouts

Salt and pepper



Glaze the wings of duck in the oven at 120ºc dipped in duck fat. When they are cooked and tender, debone them and cook for the part of the skin on a very hot griddle.

Add the mushrooms and butter in a saucepan. Cook and add the vinegar, honey, salt and pepper.

Prepare the quince aioli mixed in the blender with garlic, oil and quince pulp roasted in the oven.

On a dish, place a few points of yogurt and alioli. Add the mushrooms and crispy wings. Ended up with vegetable shoots and the vinaigrette. Add flakes of salt on top.