New cuts of lamb

15, DIC, 2017

Many people associate the consumption of lamb only with parties or special occasions such as Christmas and other celebrations, but it’s a meat that goes far beyond, with countless applications and cuts, that move away from the traditional shoulder and ribs.

A lamb has 5 distinct parts, once the head, the hocks and casings are separated: the ribs, legs, neck, shoulders and skirt. If the first two have more output, the new cuts that are promoted are the rest, leg, neck and skirt.

Cuts of neck: the neck of lamb is the basis of some traditional stew or braised neck stew, but the producers proposed two new sections, called “collares” and carillon”.

“Collares” are of neck bone, not very thick slices, and the “carillon” fillet is the flesh of a whole neck boneless, open like a book or a fan, and marked with a knife, ready to make it on the barbecue.

Cuts of skirt: is an elongated part that goes from the neck to the leg at the bottom of the lamb. From this long strip, it can be separated the probes of the breast and the part without bone, corresponding to the belly, and is a rectangular piece called Churrasco, which can be cooked whole, grilled as the pork ribs, or baked.

Leg cuts: We can get leg steaks, very tender, boneless, easy to prepare grilled, breaded or to make sandwiches.

Minced meat: in an era where hamburgers are on the top, why not prepare them with lamb? Cuts from different parts can use to chop the meat and make lamb burgers.