Txogitxu The Bone-In Ribeye Steak

24, NOV, 2017

As we already write on this blog a few weeks ago, cárnicas Txogitxu selects the best animals, whether domestic or import, cows old big fat infiltration with a characteristically streaky that they choose for its high quality.

Its star product: The Bone-In Ribeye Steak

“The roots of the Basque cider houses are to be found in Astigarraga; hearing the cry of “txotx”, people make their way to the barrels where they serve themselves cider to accompany the Basque bone-in ribeye steak, a 1 kg slab of meat grilled over wood embers. This tradition has been emulated by the best restaurants in cities across Spain, and by others in Europe and America. The red meat bone-in ribeye steak has therefore become a seminal Basque product, transmitter of culture and identity.”

If you really want to try a real elite meat, do not hesitate to ask us by Txogitxu meats and take a delicious steak to prepare in your house.

In the words of Imanol Jaca, the alma mater of the brand: “Meat is eaten all over the world, but bone-in ribeye steaks of 1 kilo in weight from old, fat cows, and perfectly barbecued, is only to be found here. The bone-in ribeye steak is the flag of the Basque Country.”