How to cook meat in a more healthy way

03, NOV, 2017

Meat is one of the main foods of the Mediterranean diet, and therefore one of the pillars of our diet. For this reason, it’s very important to learn how to cook in a healthy way and, thus, avoiding not only winning kilos but future cardiovascular problems, as well as cholesterol.

The first thing we must do is to remove the excess of fat, so the steak or piece is as clean as possible. It’s always advisable, moreover, to accompany it with vegetables or legumes.

To prepare it, there are several ways that you can use without having to fry it. To do this we recommend you use the lowest possible oil and dress our dish with homemade sauces made with natural ingredients.

If we do grilled meat we must remove from the fridge, half an hour before to cook it with the proper heat. In addition, if we want to preserve all its juice, it’s prohibited to prick it to turn it over

If on the other hand we want to cook meat in the oven, one of the tricks is to add salt at the end of the preparation, unless stub is pork that will then be the first, and spray the piece in their own juice so it doesn't dry out.

Finally, to prepare meat on the grill BBQ the importantly is the intensity of the fire or firewood and cooking time, factors that will completely influence the final result. We must avoid a black scab may form or be the crust scorched, since toxic substances can be generated.