Two types of meat between some of the world most expensive food

19, MAY, 2017

When we think in expensive food we will surely think in the lobsters, oysters, wine with many years of ripening or exquisite champagne... but there are foods with a double and triple the price, and many people willing to spend a fortune on these pleasures of life.

Some of them are, for example:

The white truffle, valued between 300 and 6000 euro per kg, a rated and exquisite delicacy. In addition, each fall is organized a world auction in which people pay exorbitant amounts for the firsts pieces of the year. Took the record in 2010 a buyer from Hong Kong who paid 90,000 euros for just a truffle...

The Yubari King Melon, a fruit grown on the island of Hoakkido in Japan and created from the intersection of fruits. Its average price... 6000 euros per kilo!

Pule cheese, about 1000 euros per kilo. This delicacy is made from the milk of a breed of donkey which only can be found in the North of Belgrade, and that also is in danger of extinction.

But, in addition, among them we find two types of meat: the Kobe and Ayam Cemani. Both are two foods appreciated in the world of gastronomy, one for its flavor, and one, perhaps, by its rarity.

In the case of the Kobe, it comes from the black Tajima-ushi breed of wagyū beef. This breed has a high genetic tendency to streak his flesh, showing the amount of fat that contains. More veins, better its quality. Depending on its quality, this meat can haunt the 200-300 euros per kilo.

And on the other hand, we have the Ayam Cemani, which means "completely black hen", and if it’s precisely that, one of the world most exotic animals, a completely black hen. Its price is around 400 euros the specimen, and their eggs are sold for 200 euros the piece.

We don’t have black chickens for now, but we can offer you a delicious Kobe with which one you will feel the King of the world with just one bite.