What is lean meat?

06, MAY, 2017

Lean meat is all that animal flesh composed practically in its entirety by muscle fibres. It’s a type of meat with a high content of protein and very low in fat, so is perfect for athletes and weight loss diets.

Note that many people think that lean meat can only be white meat, but not, red meat may also lean since its origin is varied, we find it both in poultry, cattle, pigs... even in the fish.

There is also a wide variety of lean meat that you can find in the market but for consider this meat “lean” is necessary to analyse the total percentage of fat, especially saturated fat that contain.

Its main feature is that are cuts with any tendon, cartilage or fat tissue, and should contain less than 10 grams of fat per 100 g of weight. Furthermore, its amount of unsaturated fat should assume less than 4.5 grams and 95 milligrams of cholesterol as a maximum.

Some of these lean meats are turkey, rabbit and chicken. Some cuts of beef, tenderloin and pork tenderloin, and some cuts of lamb are also classified as lean. All with a less than 10 percent of fat.

The good thing about this type of meat is, as we have already said, his low amount of fat from its high content of proteins, which makes it one of the most recommended by nutritionists in both weight loss diets and for those who practice sport. Remember also that it’s low in cholesterol, so it would also be valid for those who suffer from this disease.

We recommend this type of meat to keep a healthy and balanced diet with cuts of the best quality as that you will find in our butchery.