Sushi with meat, why not?

11, MAR, 2017

The sushi is not exclusive domain of the fish. Of course, we know how delicious is the tuna sashimi or a how tasty is a roll with salmon and avocado... but why not try it with meat?

The sushi combinations are infinite and for this reason try with different ingredients and compositions it’s so interesting.

One of the recipes that we recommend is the tex-mex maki, made it with nori seaweed and rice (in that order) and stuffed with sautéed minced meat with onion, garlic, chile and shichimi togarahi (a mixture of spices) as well as a thin layer of lettuce. It’s a spicy roll but very tasty.

You can also try the tempura sushi roll with teriyaki chicken. To prepare it you should place the rice first and then the nori seaweed, and fill it with chives, cucumber, cheese cream and the chicken teriyaki. Roll it and passed by panko to coat it.

Another delicious option is the sinaloense sushi, a mixture of Mexico and Japan with which it will make you mouth water. To prepare it, place the rice and the nori over it. Fill it with gouda cheese, cucumber, avocado, chile strips and roasted meat. This delightful roll can be consumed also in tempura, you can choose, but don't forget to end it with teriyaki sauce on top.

And finally, we also recommend you to taste the temaki sushi (seaweed and rice cones) stuffed with different marinated meats with soy or teriyaki sauce and sprinkled with sesame. You can try with beef, pork, chicken... there are many combinations, but the important thing is the quality of the meat and Avesa you will find the best.